International Microwave Power Institute Welcomes New RF Energy Alliance Members

International Microwave Power Institute Welcomes New RF Energy Alliance Members January 9, 2019– The International Microwave Power Institute (IMPI), the leading global scientific organization dedicated to non-communication microwave and RF energy applications, is pleased to announce the addition of four new corporate members:  EGO, Huber+Suhner, pinkRF, and Rogers Corporation. These four companies bring the number […]

NY Times Publishes Extensive Speculation that Microwaves May Be Cause of Embassy Employee Ills in Cuba and Elsewhere

Editor’s Note: After the September 2ndNew York Times article broke, we turned to IMPI Fellow, Dr. John M. Osepchuk, for his reaction to the piece. We are grateful for his write up below, which appeared in IMPI’s September edition of “The Wave” Newsletter. Abstract: The speculations are many and extraordinary but without scientific support; the […]

Food, Trends & Microwave Ovens: Industry Experts Share Insight

Contact: Molly Poisant (804) 559-6667 For Immediate Release September 30, 2015 September 30, 2015—Home cooks, culinary professionals, food and appliance companies, foodservice and convenience retailers want to be on-trend, dishing up the innovation of the day. Industry pros want to know what to eat, how to prepare it and what the latest trends are […]

Perytons and PSN in Microwave Ovens

In April of this year, widespread global publicity—both print and electronic, including even NPR in the U. S.—was given to a report that an Australian radio astronomy (RA) facility had suffered some RFI, dubbed Perytons, because of its mysterious mimicking of sought-after distant extra-galactic signals (FRB—fast radio bursts) and —(Roll of Drums!!!!)—the culprit was found […]

An Infrared controlled Microwave oven

A recent article on “The Microwave Gets Its First (and Possibly Best) New Feature in Decades”, and elsewhere under different titles, described work done by an engineer Mark Rober who put an infrared sensor in the top of a microwave oven and installed the screen in the oven-door claiming that it provides a “heat […]

Rebuttal of “Shield Your Body” Statements

Recent publicity about a start-up company in Las Vegas, named “Shield Your Body”, has produced much misinformation about EM( electromagnetic) energy and its exposure hazards. We single out here one particularly offensive set of statements but we point out that this is just one example of a fairly wide-spread electrophobia, which nowadays is focused on […]