Eleanor R. Adair, 86, Microwave Proponent

That was the headline in the NY Times obituary on May 6 for a great lady, leading researcher, courageous defender of microwaves and true friend of IMPI. In an extensive interview in the Times in 2001, Dr. Adair, or Ellie, as known to friends, defended microwave ovens and closed her interview by decrying the billions […]

“Microwave Ovens: An Overview: 2013″

Editor’s Note: IMPI Fellow Dr. John Osepchuk has written an important revision to his previous article on microwave oven sales around the world. Revision of “Microwave Ovens: An Overview: 2013″ In February, 2013, I wrote the cited “Overview” largely based on tabulated data on the top ten exporters and top ten importers of microwave ovens […]

2GCMEA Re-cap (continued from September/October Newsletter)

2GCMEA was under the technical leadership of the Microwave Working Group and Dr. Rebecca Schulz was the Technical Program Chair. The Materials Research Society (MRS) provided sponsorship and program assistance. The program was organized so that each of the 5 societies held a plenary session and in some cases a special panel discussion. There was […]

JMPEE in Thompson Reuters

                    IMPI is pleased to announce that our signature publication, The Journal of Microwave Power and Electromagnetic Energy (JMPEE), has been reinstated to the prestigious Thompson Reuters Listing. The Journal can now be found in the Web of Science under the “Science Citation Index Expanded” and […]

Did Russia ban microwave ovens at some point in the past?

  The Internet is filled with misinformation (especially blogs) about microwaves and microwave ovens. They all seem to direct their focus on the supposed dangers of the ovens, the foods heated in them, the packaging and more. Many are scientifically flawed and generally inaccurate. One such rumor that has been lighting up the internet is […]

Metal: To Microwave or Not To Microwave…

…that is the question! Please take a look at a fantastic piece on microwaving metal, written by Paul Hope at www.goodhousekeeping.com.   Paul Hope evaluates and writes about kitchen appliances and gadgets ranging in size from paper plates to refrigerators and stoves. In addition to editorial reviews, Paul also tests products seeking the Good Housekeeping […]

Melamine & Microwaves

It has long been known that Melamine dishes are not suitable for microwave oven use. A recent comment found on a Tip-of-the-Week at on www.about.com aptly articulates the reasons why: “MicrowaveGuru says: There can be a very small amount of migration of the melamine-formaldehyde resin, but as you stated elsewhere, the FDA concluded that it was well below […]

Downtime during the 2012 IMPI Symposium in Las Vegas?

Chances are, the fantastic education, knowlege sharing and networking aren’t the only things that made you want to register for IMPI’s 2012 Symposium; the exciting location was probably a factor as well! VIVA LAS VEGAS! Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.com Although most of your time at the symposium will be full of great content, you may find yourself […]