Melamine & Microwaves

It has long been known that Melamine dishes are not suitable for microwave oven use. A recent comment found on a Tip-of-the-Week at on aptly articulates the reasons why: “MicrowaveGuru says: There can be a very small amount of migration of the melamine-formaldehyde resin, but as you stated elsewhere, the FDA concluded that it was well below […]

Downtime during the 2012 IMPI Symposium in Las Vegas?

Chances are, the fantastic education, knowlege sharing and networking aren’t the only things that made you want to register for IMPI’s 2012 Symposium; the exciting location was probably a factor as well! VIVA LAS VEGAS! Photo courtesy of Although most of your time at the symposium will be full of great content, you may find yourself […]

IMPI’s Blog has launched!

  Hello new readers! The International Microwave Power Institute is jumping on the blog-bandwagon with the hopes of communicating FACTUAL information to combat the enormous amount of mis-information, currently on the web. We are hoping to take on the role of Microwave Mythbuster! The content here will complement information you read on IMPI’s Main Site as well […]