IMPI Events

Spring 2024 Webinar

Mar 7th, 2024

“Microwave Heated Reactors: Prospects for Efficient and Sustainable Energy”
Instructor: Prof. Reyes Mallada, Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain
Thursday, March 7, 2024 from 11am-12pm ET

The chemical sector, alongside steel production, is recognized as one of  the most energy-demanding segments of manufacturing. Confronting critical issues such as diminishing global energy requirements and addressing climate change necessitates innovative approaches, with the electrification of the chemical industry through microwave (MW) heating emerging as an exceptionally promising solution. This webinar examines the current landscape of this technology, its  underlying principles, and provides a showcase of successful applications of microwave-heated reactors. It also identifies and discusses the hurdles that must be overcome as we progress with this technology.

Free-of-charge and Open to the Public. Pre-registration is required. Additional Webinars will be held this Fall.