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Spring 2024 Webinar: Microwave Heated Reactors: Prospects for Efficient and Sustainable Energy
Password: +f0lJv2R

Fall 2023 3.-Part Webinar Series: Understanding Microwave Material Interaction

Part I: How to obtain good XAFS spectrum under microwave heating?
In situ and operando spectroscopy for understanding microwave material interaction

Instructor: Dr. Shuntaro Tsubaki, Associate Professor, Department of Bioscience and
Biotechnology, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University Japan
VIDEO LINK] Password: M0Y.9OE$

Part II: Electromagnetic Field Driven Catalysis: New Physical Phenomena for
Performance-advantaged Electrification

Instructor: Dr. Dionisios G. Vlachos, Unidel Dan Rich Chair in Energy Professor of
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Delaware, Director, Catalysis
Center for Energy Innovation (CCEI), Director, Delaware Energy Institute (DEI)

[VIDEO LINK] Password: CBpQR&h!

Part III: Coaxial cable-based microwave distributed temperature sensors
Instructor: Hai Xiao, Samuel Lewis Bell Distinguished Professor in Electrical and
Computer Engineering, Department Chair, Clemson University
Password: $UgY5LrD

SPRING 2023 Webinar: Seeking the Lost: Applications of Mw Holography
Dr. Graham Brodie, James Cook University [WATCH NOW]Passcode: zTd=R4#W

Fall 2022 3-Part Webinar Series: Role of Microwaves in Industrial Decarbonization

Part I: NETL’s Center for Sustainable Fuels and Chemicals – Its role in supporting Industrial Decarbonization.
Instructor: Dr. Charles Damianides, Executive Director, Center for Sustainable Fuels and Chemicals at National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)Decarbonization of industrial processes using Microwave chemistry
Instructor: Dr. Christina Wildfire, Research Scientist at National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)
[WATCH NOW] Passcode: w!O=a7jk

Part II: Using Microwaves to Replace Carbon Based Energy Sources In Industrial Heating Applications
Instructor: Dr. Ken Kaplan, President and CEO of Cellencor Inc.
[WATCH NOW] Passcode: W2?9Bd3M

Part III: Powering the Green Chemistry and Hydrogen Revolution
Instructors: Alex Shanosky, Director of Business Development, Transform Materials & Nathan Ashcraft, VP of Research and Development, Transform Materials
[WATCH NOW] Passcode: %5oevsKe

Spring 2022 Webinar Series, Part I
Why RF/MW Plasma? (Instructor Prof. Ray Boxman, Tel Aviv University, Israel)
Password: Un^Yd^46

Spring Webinar Series, Part II
Plasmas (Instructor: Dr. Chinmoy Mallick)
Meeting Recording
Access Passcode: %n1z%wBV

Fall 2021 Webinar Series
Part I: Multiphysics modelling of high power microwave systems and devices – dedicated modelling regimes in QuickWave software (Dr. Marzena Olszewska-Placha, QWED, Poland)
Passcode: wY1N2&Pa

Part II: Part II: Numerical modeling of microwave-assisted catalytic reactions
(Dr. Xinwei Bai, Postdoctoral Research Associate, West Virginia University)
Passcode: ^66+?#3a

Spring 2021 Webinar Series
Part I: Where Are They Now? Food Industry Opportunities in Microwave Processing (Schiffmann)
Part II:Control of bacterial and viral pathogens in pre-packaged meals using microwaves: our experiences and future vision (Tang)

Fall 2020 Webinars
Part I: Intellectual Property Basics & Best Practices for Innovations (Fish & Associates P.C.)
Part II: Best Practices in Developing Safety Warnings & Labels (Dr. Gerry Goldhaber)

Spring 2020 Webinars
Part I: Jennifer Marshall-Jenkinson, MTA UK
Part 2: Meredith Carothers, FSIS, USDA
Part 3: Sally Gerling, Gerling Dietetics & Nutrition

Fall 2019 Webinars
Impedance Matching Webinar (Instructor: Vladimir Bilik) Password: Bilik2019!
A Technical Overview of Applicators for Microwave Heating (Instructor: John F. Gerling)

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